Linky Love: Non-Profit PR

Windy Hovey’s post on the blog PR Post highlights the unique qualities and tasks involved in non-profit public relations.

Growing up, my dad worked at a few different non-profit arts organizations. I enjoyed watching him interact with people around him because his work, in particular, was so focused on building relationships with the community. These relationships lasted throughout the years and proved to be incredibly helpful for the organizations. 

Hovey put it best by stating, ” How lucky are nonprofit staff to get to relate every day with individuals who demonstrate the most inspiring personal qualities you could ask for in people: philanthropy (means love of the human race) and voluntarism?”

I was able to experience this firsthand last summer when I worked as an intern for the Sausalito Art Festival. I enjoyed the work I did, but what kept me coming back each day was the people I got to interact with: A long-time firefighter, the CEO of a local grocery store chain, a young woman who had worked at music festivals across the country. I learned so much from each and every one of these individuals, and they helped me realize that my ideal work would be in the non-profit sector.

Any line of work that I end up in will surely be worthwhile because it will provide me with experience. Good or bad, I can learn about the work world through the tasks that I complete and the people I interact with. Yet, I feel that I would be happiest working for a non-profit because it would be rewarding, interesting, challenging, and an opportunity for me to really work with my community.

A Window into Non-Profit PR Work



  1. Tiffany Gallicano said

    Marissa, it’s great to hear your passion for non-profit PR. Do you have plans to intern for a non-profit before graduation?

  2. marissahphillips said

    Tiffany, This quarter I am probably too busy to take on an internship, but in the spring I may have time. Is that what you would suggest?

  3. Jamie Kim said

    I have met several PR professionals who have worked in non-profit organizations. All of them expressed that the work is very rewarding and that you will walk away (if you choose to) with a variety of skills. Is there a certain non-profit organization that you are interested in working for?

  4. marissahphillips said

    Not particularly. In June I am moving back to San Francisco, so one based there. NPO’s related to children are high on my list. Any suggestions you may have would be a huge help!

  5. Tiffany Gallicano said

    Marissa, I think an internship in the spring would be a great idea if you have room for it in your schedule. Remember that you don’t need to look for an open position. Most local non-profits welcome volunteers, so call up your favorite one when spring draws near.

  6. Jamie Kim said

    I agree with Tiffany. Don’t be afraid to create your own opportunities! As far as non-profit organizations in San Francisco…hmm..I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I’ll keep my eyes opened for you if I hear of anything!

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