PR & Technology…. boy am I learning a lot….


Sitting in either of my two PR classes or my AHPR meeting I notice one thing first: almost everyone has either a blackberry or iphone by their side. I have observed this in other classes, but never before have I noticed their frequency of use more than in these settings.

Sure there are important emails waiting and news sites to check, but never before had I felt the sense of urgency that my peers convey. 

In my Advanced PR Writing course I am learning more and more the importance of technology in public relations. I understand that sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are becoming the tools of the trade. I, too, am beginning to really enjoy the world of blogging, but I am still hard pressed to find a legitimate reason to be on or nearby a computer 24-7.

As Sara Nielsen of the Tehama Group puts it best, “As young public relations professionals eager to produce high-quality work and living in this very connected world, we are susceptible to dependence on the technology resources at our fingertips.” TGC

Nielsen points out that technology is important to this industry. Our generation needs and utilizes its benefits more than anyone, but I hope that in this new world of technology, we don’t forget the power behind a good handshake, eye contact, or a voice-to-voice conversation.

In my Mass Media & American Politics course, we are reading about how technology is isolating us from one another. Sure we can be connected to people worldwide, but we are talking less with our friends and neighbors and spending more time checking our phones for new emails. I find that my roommates can sit on the couch together for hours, totally mesmerized by their computers and not say a word to each other.

I am hoping to enter this profession through connecting with people, not their email addresses. This may be naive considering the times in which we live, but I value a good face-to-face conversation. I simply hope that those instances don’t become obsolete.


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