The Other To-Do List: Journaling


Let’s be honest, there’s a lot on everyone’s minds these days. I know that I have multiple to-do lists scattered around my room. 

Yet, in addition to all of the tasks I have to do, I have a lot of thoughts that I have to sort out. Recently my brain has been quite overcrowded. Then I was blessed with a hallelujah moment while reading Sonia Simone’s recent post, \”The Mad Ninja Skill for Getting Anything Done\”

Simone appropriately labels all of the random thoughts in our head as “gunk,” and she makes it evident that there is a lot of gunk in our brains that needs to get out.

You use a pen so that you cannot go back and erase anything. Then you can see exactly what you were thinking on paper. Sort out your thoughts, ease your feelings, and air them out. As Simone emphasizes, “Life works better when you’re not slowed down and confused.”

You can follow your thoughts and begin to operate more efficiently. So now when I’m suffering from a case of the scatter brain, I’m going to take out that pen and paper and let the thoughts flow. 

If anyone has any journaling tips  or other ways of sorting out ideas, please share!


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  1. Jamie Kim said

    Mental gunk? Interesting. I’ll have to try writing out my gunk aside from the endless self-notes and to-do-lists scattered around my purse.

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