Building My Blog

Chris Brogan’s most recent blog post gives the perfect analogy for how to create and maintain your blog. He recommends that you consider each post like “a building block to something larger, instead of just loose pages of thought.” Chris Brogan

As opposed to thinking about my blog as an assignment or a random assortment of thoughts and responses to other blogs, I now consider it a series of entries in an overall creation. 

Because I have yet to enter the professional world of public relations, I have little expertise in any one area. So in building my blog, I have been sharing experiences as a public relations student. Most of you guys can probably relate to a lot of things that I have written about because you have either been students or are learning similar things about the industry.

However, my posts may also be of interest because I am part of the newest generation of PR students. We are blogging, twittering, creating podcasts and social network profiles, all as a part of our coursework. My posts can hopefully build on each other to create a guide for other students, a reference for PR professionals, and hopefully entertain and educate any other readers.

As I continue to blog, I will keep in mind Chris Brogan’s words and work to make sure that my posts fit together to add to something that is bigger than each individual entry.


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