Social Media Sites: Grab a Spoon

In most decision-making today, there are so many choices. For example, the cereal aisle in most grocery stores is constantly growing. From Cheerios to Lucky Charms, there is something for everyone.  The same goes for the high number of social media sites. It takes time to sort through them and find the one that’s right for you, but once you do, it tastes so good!

When I first entered college, I had facebook. That was the extent of my involvement in the world of social media. I slowly began to learn more about different sites, but I didn’t realize just how many there are until this quarter in my Advanced PR Writing course.

Several guest speakers were quick to name tens and tens of social media tools that I had never heard of. From Twitter to PROpenMic, I was quite overwhelmed by everything that I had yet to learn about.

Thankfully our Professor, Kelli Matthews, helped us to identify and become involved with the more popular sites. Yet, for those without this handy guidance, I would advise some steps:

1. Research: Hundreds of sites and articles exist to rank and explain the new social media tools. Look to these and then explore the sites. (Traffikd is a good example)Often the most popular sites are that way for a reason, so the more talked about sites will likely be good options.

2. Try it out: Create profiles to see how you like the format and tools of the site. Try to connect with others using the site and talk with them about it. The reason that so many sites exist is because people are so different. Make sure that it fits your needs and feels right.

3. Maintain: I have bookmarked all of the sites that I continued to use after my research. Every day I make sure to go through each page, updating content, reading new information, and of course keeping my eye on other new sites.

A final thing to keep in mind is that the task of discovering and maintaining these sites can be daunting and tedious, but just like choosing a cereal, you will find one that you love. You will continue to revisit it, use it, and enjoy it. So grab a spoon and dig in to the world of social media.


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