How to Create Strong Organizational Culture

We have all been in a variety of work environments. Some good, some bad. We can realize the importance of a strong organizational culture when we look to some of the most successful companies.

Pixar, one of today’s leading animation stuidos, ensured that its offices were uniquely designed to provoke positive creative energy for all of its employees. The studios boast a relaxed environment that allows for a free flow of ideas and communication.

Edward Jones was rated Forbes Magazine’s best place to work. This is because they work so hard to maintain a strong community amongst its employees. They encourage employees to bring their family and friends to the office and become more involved in the local communities that surround each office. This helps employees to realize that the staff and their work is about so much more than money.

Plante & Moran (P&M Site)outlined the following tips for creating a strong organizational culture:

1. Define your goals. What changes are you looking to make to your organizational culture?

2. Identify the gaps. Are there any specific issues that you want to target and solve?

3. Identify strong performers; select, develop, and retain them.

4. Modify day-to-day work procedures. Change meeting locations, go out to lunch, or implement casual and/or spirit days.

5. Communicate effectively on ALL levels. Make sure that communications lines are open and comments and questions can always be heard.

6. Rewards and real-time feedback. Positively reinforce the work that employees do and discuss any issues as soon as they arise.

7. Assess progress of defined goals.

I had the opportunity to intern at a business that had a really strong organizational culture. Each morning, there was a company-wide morning call. All employees would gather in the headquarter office or call in, and each person would share work-related and/or personal accomplishments and/or struggles. This helped employees to feel better connected to their colleagues and create a strong community throughout the business. 

Most of our lives currently or will soon revolve completely around our work. It is important that all companies work to make sure that their employees feel comfortable, connected, appreciated, and that they are a part of a strong organizational culture. It is something that we must all keep in mind, especially in these times of economic difficulty.

So take a moment and think about how you can strengthen your organizational culture.


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