Print Closures are Changing our World

I didn’t quite realize how much a part of my life newspapers used to be until recently, when I tried to imagine having grown up without them.

Every Sunday morning, my family and I would gather around the dining room table. We divvied up the sections: sports to my dad, news to my mom, and my brother and I got the comics and advertisements. When I go home, this tradition remains, but it’s strange to think that we could be in our final newspaper days. 

CEO of Richmond Public Relations, Louis Richmond recently said, “most communications professionals won’t miss a beat in turning to non-traditional sources, which are now preferred by many clients.” PR Week Article

As our world changes, so do the media industries. As the Internet has expanded, the need for newspapers has shrunk.

If you need movie times,  check Fandango. tells you the local forecast, and most news organizations now have all of their stories available online. Other than providing a portion of anyone’s daily routine (i.e. reading the morning paper at breakfast), newspapers are losing their purpose.

Thankfully we are all learning to adapt to this new world of Web 2.0. We are blogging in journalism classes, getting our news from outlets like, and staying in touch with friends through Facebook or Twitter.

While it is sad to slowly say goodbye to such a significant part of our history, we can look at this moment as another exciting development in the ever-changing world of media. Who knows what else people will come up with and what else will soon become obsolete, but that’s the exciting part of the industry.


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